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¡Ay, mi madre! 2019

Fecha de estreno 29 de marzo de 2019
Dirigida por Frank Ariza
Reparto Estefanía de los Santos, Secun de la Rosa, Terele Pavez más
Género Comedia
País España
Film not recommended for children under 12 years of age.
María (Estefanía de los Santos) is a somewhat neglected woman who lives quite apart from her mother. When she dies, Maria has to go read the will and, astonished, discovers that her mother has left her a very important inheritance, but with a series of requirements. To collect the inheritance you must get married in less than a month. Maria will then ask for help from her second cousin (Secun de la Rosa), in order to achieve her goal. In addition, Juan (Alfonso Sánchez), his old boyfriend of adolescence who is now the village priest, will reappear in his life. A series of comical situations will take place that will lead Maria to confront her past and her future.

Frank Ariza ( The Continental, Forgive Me, Lord ) writes and directs this comedy starring Estefania de los Santos (Plague ), Secun de la Rosa ( Later ), Paz Vega ( Kill the messenger ), Alfonso Sánchez ( The world is yours ) and Terele Pávez ( The bar ).
Distributor World Line Cinema
Year of production 2017

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