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Fruit Cocktail Parfait Recipe

Parfait is a traditional dessert prepared using fruits, cream and egg in French cuisine. It is an easy-to-make dessert recipe that you can make any time for your loved ones. Here is a version of the parfait, which is made using granola, yoghurt and mixed fruit

How to make Fruit Cocktail Parfait

  • Step 1- Add granola layer

    To prepare this flavourful dessert recipe, add a layer of low-fat granola in a parfait glass.

  • Step 2- Add a layer of yogurt and top with fruits

    Next, on top of the granola add a layer of low-fat or no-fat vanilla yoghurt. Top it with sliced mixed fruits.

  • Step 3- Repeat the layering, garnish and serve

    Now, again start with a layer of granola and repeat the layering until you reach the top of glass. Garnish with cherries and serve the delicacy cold.

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