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Chocolate Cheese Modak Recipe

Ganesh Chaturthi, a vibrant festival which is celebrated across the Indian subcontinent, is synonymous to celebrations, devotion and modak. Lord Ganesha used to love modak and this is why these sweet bites are abundantly prepared on this occasion. If you are a true

How to make Chocolate Cheese Modak

  • Step 1- Knead a dough for the covering

    To make this delicious recipe, take a large mixing bowl and combine together melted chocolate, cheese slices and desiccated coconuts. Add powdered sugar and knead the mixture to make a soft and smooth dough.

  • Step 2- Prepare the filling for the modak

    For the filling, take another bowl and mix white chocolate chips and chopped dates.

  • Step 3- Stuff the dough and filling in a modak mould

    Now, grease a modak mould and stuff the a portion of the dough (Step 1) into it while maintaining a cavity in between for the filling. Pull a small portion from the filling and fill the cavity of the dough. Close the mould tightly. After a while, demould and you are here with your favourite Chocolate Cheese Modak.

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