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Chocolate And Ginger Phirni Recipe

Chocolate and Ginger Phirni is an easy recipe that can be prepared without any hassle and elaborate preparations. All you need to prepare is cocoa powder, cooking chocolate, rice flour, and whey protein. This Chocolate and Ginger

How to make Chocolate And Ginger Phirni

  • Step 1- Prepare rice powder and protein powder

    To prepare this sweet delight, first soak rice in water for about half an hour. Meanwhile, chop the chocolate into pieces. Grind the whey protein to obtain whey protein powder. Now, drain water from the soaked rice and grind it in a blender in order to get rice powder.

  • Step 2- Heat the ingredients in a pan

    Now, heat pan over low flame. Once adequately heated, add in it milk, rice powder, cocoa powder, whey protein powder, dry ginger powder and mix well to combine all ingredients.

  • Step 3- Add in sugar and cocoa powder

    Cook the mix for about 10-15 minutes, and then add in sugar and chopped chocolate pieces. Cook for 5 minutes more and then remove from heat.

  • Step 4- Refrigerate the phirni and serve chilled

    Transfer the contents in a serving bowl and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Take out the phirni, garnish with rose petals and mint sprig. Serve chilled.

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